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Server starts in:

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Exodis Client:

8.6 Exodis Client Download


Exp rate: Stages
Magic rate: x2
Skill rate: x4
Loot rate: x2

Basic Information:

Level to buy a house: 80
Level to form a guild: 50
Usefull commands: type !commands in-game

PVP Information:

Free blessings until level: 50
PVP from level: 1
Yellow Skull: There will be no yellow skull system!
Every WHITE SKULLED player will always get frag for killing unskulled player!
Frags to Red Skull: 5 daily / 25 weekly / 45 monthly
Frags to Banishment: 8 daily / 35 weekly / 55 monthly

Usefull locations:

Exodis Map: GLOBAL MAP
Rashid: MAP
Blessing: MAP
Sarudoh (Travel to Tiquanda / Nargor / Evil Islands): MAP
Hericlus (Travel to Aurora): MAP

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