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The Rebirth System allows players who have reached level 240 or higher to be reborn as a new human. 

The NPC that performs the rebirth is The Goddess Unleashed and she can be reached in The Island of Avalon - accessible by talking to an NPC Sarudoh.


  1. Level 240 or higher.
  2. Be promoted.
  3. Have the following items:

    10kk gold
    80 vampire dusts
    100 lizard leathers
    20 fish fins
    1 might ring

Rebirth effects

  1. 10% damage reduction from all sources
  2. 10% increased damage and healing
  3. 50% reduced experience gain rate
  4. You start anew at level 8
  5. Health,mana and cap also go back to that of level 8 character.
  6. You keep the skills you have acquired.

Additional information:

You will gain 1 premium point for every level above 240 when getting reborn. It means that if for example you were level 400 you'd gain 160 premium points after the rebirth.

We are also planning on adding an additional promotion for reborn players. The effects of this promotion are being discussed at the moment, but we will update this page as soon as we have agreed on them.

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