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18.4.2020 -
Author: GM Hello Kitty

Exodis OTC client has been updated to a new version and should no longer crash.
You can download it here

Hey everyone!

The snowball event has been added and the times (CET) are as below:


You can find a teleport to the waiting area near the Reston temple. Once announced you have 3 minutes to get in before the event starts.

We've made a mistake and put in the wrong item as a reward. This will be fixed after today's SS.

  • Royal Stars   have been added to Distance Weapons NPC!

  • Rainbow Shield have been fixed
  • Nautral Soil's have been added to Donation Shop

13.4.2020 -
Author: GM Hello Kitty

Latest update (14.04): If you are using the classic Tibia client to connect to Exodis and are experiencing graphics lag - try redownloading the client here. The fix should help make Tibia run smooth on most systems.

We're happy to announce that we will be adding events to Exodis!

These were quite a popular request and we've decided to add some - the first one added will be the Snowball Fight. You will be competing against other challengers by throwing snowballs at each other. The use of combat spells and attacks will be disabled on this battlefield. 

You will be getting a point for hitting another player and losing a point when you get hit. The player with most points by the end of each event (which will last 10-15 mins) will be the winner. We're discussing rewards at this time, but it sure will be worthwhile!

The event will be held a few times every day.

We plan to release it by Friday (17.04) this week, so stay tuned!

10.4.2020 -
Author: GM Hello Kitty

Important changes in this edition:

  • You no longer lose soul on trainers, instead you are teleported out every 2 hours to a special place. This is to make training area available to everyone equally.

  • You can buy most things with the !buy name, quantity command - there are still a few npcs left, like for backpacks and parcels.

  • You can sell items with the !sell name command - this sells one item, but if it's a creature product all will be sold.

  • You can sell everything that is sellable with the !sell all command
  • New tips system has been added. You can toggle displaying them with the !tips command.

  • After today's server save new !bless command will be added. The NPC is still there, but if you wanted to get blessed faster you can use this new command, however blessings will be more expensive this way.

  • You can ask NPC Charles for a second task if you have gold account. This way you can do two tasks simultaneously. Note that the second task cannot be canceled, so take care what creature you choose!

Some changes

  • We have restored NPC's. Now who like to sell / buy from NPC's will be able to do so! There is still option to buy / sell with commands !buy / !sell
  • Access to Serpent Island has been added from NPC Captain Serim. You can find him at Syberia second boat
  • Norwest lower tombs are working now as it should ( you need scarab coin to get the other side
  • There will be no more empty vials ( from now on they will disappear )
  • As you know Stamina regenerate in Reston Depot and at Trainers. After today server save the amount regenerated will be as following:
  1. Gold Account will gain 2 stamina every 4 minutes
  2. Normal Account will gain 1 stamina every 4 minutes
  • Command !bless will be introduced - buying bless by command is 150% more expensive! However, the NPC from blessings will be still alive.
  • Experience from tasks is now random - after server save it will be as it should be: basic creature experience * 800

And something extra! FULL LIGHT will be enabled for every GOLD ACCOUNT!

Changes will be implemented after global save.

27.3.2020 -
Author: GM Hello Kitty

Exodis is starting on 10.04.2020 at 16:00 CET

We have a few new things to introduce in this edition and we will announce these as we get closer to the start date. We have decided to take a direction of making Exodis a more fun-oriented server, with moderately high experierience rate and helpful modifications to selling and buying items (via !buy and !sell command)

For now let's say you will be able to have 2 active tasks at the same time upon completing a hidden quest.

Also addons will give specific extras like max health / magic / skills! More information about that at Thursday!

Outfit Bonuses!                                Improved Task System!

Selling / Buying items use: !sell / !buy 

Example: !sell dragon shield
Example: !buy mana potion, 100
type !buy / !sell to check available items

Please note you can only buy / sell items in Protection Zone

This is how it was!


Stay tuned for more news!

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