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25.6.2021 - Herbalism adjustment

We've roughly halved the amount of essences needed for each Absorption Gem.

Also, from now on the absorption effect will persist through death or logout.

These changes will take effect starting from tomorrow's server save.

You can read more about Herbalism here.

We are also working to change how tasks work. At the moment, there is no limit to how many tasks of each type the player can finish. We plan to make a small adjustment here - for some of the weaker monsters there will be a limit of 2 or 3, while harder monsters will remain repeatable with the same cooldown.

17.6.2021 - Offline

As we are changing the host the server will be offline on Friday (18.06.2021) from 11:00 to approximately 15:00.

Please mind that DNS propagation might take different amount of time for different people.

14.6.2021 - WoTe

Wrath of the emperor is introduced into game! Enjoy exploring!

10.6.2021 - Server offline

We're sorry the server didn't go online after the server save at 8AM. We weren't aware of the issue for a few hours since our GM characters could login as usual.

Thanks for reporting it on Discord.

8.6.2021 - Bomberman

Exodis OTClient it's now available for download! here

As there was annoucement about bomberman, there we go!
Bomberman was introduced into game, there was a problem with player speed change after partipicing in the event and it was solved. Everything is working propertly now, hope you have alot of fun!

New hunting place mostly for team hunts or duo hunt at Norwest jungle!

Also we've updated the Task's section, every task is added onto website and the experience for some tasks has been fixed.

We're working on Wrath of The Emperor and it should be live at Friday with some more places for team hunts!

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