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On Exodis you can find a lot of unique systems...

One of them is completely awesome loot from monsters,
you can loot items with extra: 
  • Attack
  • Defence
  • Armor
These items are called RARE / EPIC / LEGENDARY

Also you will be able to loot weapon with boosted attack speed
from 1400 to 1900 (normal its 2000) that means 2000 = 1 hit every 2 seconds.

Additionaly on those special items you can use:
  • small enchanted ruby - adds 3 magic levels
  • small enchanted sapphire - adds 5 melee skills
  • small enchanted emerald - adds 10% max health
  • small enchanted amethysts - adds 10% max mana
Every 5 small enchanted gems add 1 charge to the item. When you then use it, it loses a charge and you get a 30 minutes buff that is specific to the last gem used on it.

Not all rare items will have the potential to be enchanted.


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