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Some information
by GM Hello Kitty
GM Hello Kitty
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Some information

Hey there!

There are concerns from some players that killing The Red for the third time didn't enable them to get to the rewards room. As you know, players are infused with his essence when he dies and for that to work, you have to be relatively close to him when that happens! This is intended behaviour.

This is fixed now
There i
s currently a bug with task bosses, where you can get teleported out of the arena before the timer runs out if you did a few bosses in a row. This is going to be fixed after today's server save. For now we recommend you to take 5 minute breaks between task bosses if you're intending to kill a few in a row. 


Lastly, we've added a special blessing to the game! It allows you to literally escape death and not loose any skills, levels or items whatsoever. It has to do with killing The Red and speaking to a certain NPC, but you will have to find out the details by yourselves! Note that this blessing, once acquired will have a 100% chance to work, but its acquisition is not guaranteed as it's a very powerful buff.


We hope you're enjoying your stay!

29.01.20 04:41:27
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on 30.01.20 17:53:42

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