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List of all your commands, you can check in game, by writing - /commands.

Words Description
!sellhouse NICK For sellling house to a player
!buyhouse For buying house, remember to stand in front of the door
!leavehouse For leaving house, every item goes to your depot
aleta som Invite sub owner of house
aleta sio Invite guest player to your house
aleta grav Edit house door
alana sio NAME Kick NAME from house, this works only inside the house
!frags Check your current frags count
!gbc TEXT Only for guild leaders (broadcast message to guild members)
!sell !sell dragon scale mail / Use command !sell ITEM_NAME to sell items. Items must be placed in your backpack
!createguild Use this command to create guild in-game
!invite PLAYER_NAME Use this command on GUILD CHAT to invite player to your guild
!sell all Sell all of your loot from backpack at once, only sellable items will be sold
!buy Example: !buy mana potion, 150
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