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28 Jan 2020 -
Small change. We decided that the regeneration was slightly too fast - the values were changed to:...

Small change. We decided that the regeneration was slightly too fast - the values were changed to: 1 (2 for Gold Accounts) minute of stamina regenerated per 2 minutes spent in Reston Depot. The changes will take effect after today's server save. You have to have food in order to regenerate stamina this way.

27 Jan 2020 -
After today's server save you will regenerate 1 stamina each minute while staying in Reston Depot....

After today's server save you will regenerate 1 stamina each minute while staying in Reston Depot. This value is doubled for players with Gold Account.

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6.2.2020 -
Reborn Feedback
Author: GM Hello Kitty

Dear Players,

We have had an overwhelming feedback about the requirements for being reborn. Mainly, the special item (that was one of the raid boss drops) was too rare and prohibited many from experiencing this part of the game. Hence, as of today's server save we're removing that one requirement. Additionaly the NPC will now require 20, instead of 30 fish fins.

Thanks for the feedback and we hope you enjoy these changes!

3.2.2020 -
Rebirth System
Author: GM Hello Kitty

Update [6th Feb 01:26] The Rebirth System is live! More informations available here

Update [4th Feb 19:30] We need to do some more testing, as there were problems with the system. We apologize for the delay, the Rebirth System will be live on Thursday.

Hi there!

We are currently finishing up work on a Rebirth System for Exodis.

The way it works is once you reach a certain level you are eligible to be reborn. The NPC that provides this service will require some items and (a lot of) gold to proceed. The exact requirements will be posted when the system is live, which we expect it to be on Wednesday (05.02.2020) at most.

Reborn players will be downgraded to level 8 (health and mana will also return to level 8 values), while keeping all the skills they acquired up to this point. They will also gain damage reduction and deal increased damage. However, once you are reborn you will get a permanent -50% decreased experience gain modifier. Great power comes at a cost, after all!

We tentatively set the required level to 280. Players that are above this level will gain 1 premium point for every level of difference if they decide to be reborn. It means that for example, if you were level 400, you'd gain 120 premium points (400-280).

We also plan to add additional quests for reborn players at a later time.

Stay tuned!

29.1.2020 -
Some information
Author: GM Hello Kitty

Hey there!

There are concerns from some players that killing The Red for the third time didn't enable them to get to the rewards room. As you know, players are infused with his essence when he dies and for that to work, you have to be relatively close to him when that happens! This is intended behaviour.

This is fixed now
There i
s currently a bug with task bosses, where you can get teleported out of the arena before the timer runs out if you did a few bosses in a row. This is going to be fixed after today's server save. For now we recommend you to take 5 minute breaks between task bosses if you're intending to kill a few in a row. 


Lastly, we've added a special blessing to the game! It allows you to literally escape death and not loose any skills, levels or items whatsoever. It has to do with killing The Red and speaking to a certain NPC, but you will have to find out the details by yourselves! Note that this blessing, once acquired will have a 100% chance to work, but its acquisition is not guaranteed as it's a very powerful buff.


We hope you're enjoying your stay!

25.1.2020 -
Author: God Matthias

Hey everyone!

Today we have a few things to announce.

  1. We have disabled the ability to login from clients other than the ones available in our downloads section.

    The reasoning behind it is that we've added many new items and monsters and players who didn't read news and attempted to play with the client they already have would get debugs, and leave frustrated.

  2. We've added a special boss - The Red.

    He spawns only once a day and there are rewards for killing him a certain amount of times.

  3. We've added a special task boss as well.

    This one doesn't require task reputation points. Instead Charles will want 10 natural soils from you. These drop from other task bosses and can be traded for with other players.

We hope you enjoy these changes!

21.1.2020 -
Another big update!
Author: God Matthias



Update is here!
Whats new?

New items!

  • Some of them are dropped by Barroths ( new monster )
  • Some of them are available from new quest!
  • Some of them are available from new task boss!
    (you'll need 10 natural soils to fight the new task. Required level is 250! You can get natural soils from all standard task bosses!)

New monsters!

You can find Barroths at Evil Islands (flying carpet NPC Sarudoh)

Monster of the Week Monster Pedestal and Players Online Box

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