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12.5.2021 - Exodis Test Server

Hello dear players, we would like to invite you to Exodis Test Server, on which everything will be tested to work 101% before final launch!

Test Server will launch 13.05 at 18:00 CEST and will stay until 19.05

Everybody who will help testing and make a feedback will receive 3 Gold Account days on launch! 

If you find anything that's not working, please send email to:

Read Server Info and usefull Game-Play information and enjoy!

2.4.2021 - Different world

Exodis different world

We're working to provide you completly new server on which, you will find totally different game-play style. It will be a way harder and a way more interesting, your character will be stronger on every advance, team hunts will matter, there will be no point to hunt Demons or other powerfull monsters alone...!

The Dark world Exodis coming soon!

18.9.2020 - Final launch

"Darkest place is under the lantern" they said...

After 2 weeks from first start, we was searching for the problem everywhere just not in the right place, the place was so close, becouse is was a command, which was tested before 4 months ago, but we haven't tested it for one thing, the one thing casued the server "forever freeze" we had no logs from this command, that's why it took so long us to find the real reason, person who did know that from the first launch, has spammed the command few times which make the server never wake up, yesterday people discovered that bug by misstake, they helped us so much to find the reason. Whoever was that... Thank you buddy! 

The bug we was looking for the last 2 weeks, was a command "!buy" used with the -1 parameter, was creating 1000000000 stackable ( potions / runes ) under you. 

( It took us less then 2 minutes to fix the bug after we know what it is )

As you probably know, because of this problem (someone who did it) could "clone" items / money. We are forced to do the final reset because of this, we know many of you will be pissed off, but we have no choice. On the one hand it's good news that we finally got it, but on the other hand we understand that you may be tired of this amount of server failure. Despite the large number of players for an exodis server, we know there would be many more of you if the real cause were found the first time. We have put a lot of work and heart into our server, we have been creating and developing it for over 13 years. Every problem we had for all those years, it was always solved in maximum 1 day... until now... It's cool to see someone who was playing on your server couple years ago.


Now, as we know that the server will be stable, we would like to ask you to give our server one last chance, because the atmosphere of the game at the exodis is the best, which you will not find anywhere else, you probably already know :) Below we present the form in which we decided to recompensate you your wasted time and nerves.

Server will be starting friday at 18:00 


  • Every account will get 7 days of Gold Account before start
  • We promise the problem is 100% fixed


5 Players who will do highest number of Tasks until sunday (04.10) 20:00 CEST will get ( 1 best possible to obtain item in game for his vocation )

  • For mage  


  • For Knight 


  • For Paladin   or 500 of  (Atk: 73)

Before you choose which one you want imma show stats of everything in-game!

Finally we can start to work on updating the serwer, more interesting contents for higher levels, new interesting quests / missions!

And one last time...


We'll need addiation information from you to recover your points..

Please send us email to:

Email should include information:

  • Transaction ID example: M5233-74672 - DOTPAY donators
  • Your name and surname - PAYPAL donators
  • New Account name ( you have to create new account )

Several changes have been implemented:

  • You can repeat same task once per 23 hours
  • We have reduced the frequency of the daily lottery
  • Stamina regeneration at Reston depot will regen slower by 33%
  • Couple of monster have been buffed / nerfed
  • Attack of starting weapons for knight has been increased to 20.

1.2.2020 - We're launching! - incredibly addictive server

Attention! attention! race for prizes!

Everyone always wants to be on top, now you have a chance to prove yourself!

Be on top of the highscores, the top 5 players will get rewards!

The race runs until Sunday (04/10) 22:00 CEST


1st - Pair of Soft Boots

2nd - Golden Account + 300 Points

3rd - 350 Premium Points

4th - 250 Premium Points

5th - 150 Premium Points


Show everyone who's the best!

Few important changes in this edition:

  • Vocation balance is completly reworked!
  • Knight healing spell is now EXANA MORT as it should be
  • Monsters like Barroth / Deathwing has been NERFED 
  • Quest The Red Attunement - The Red has been NERFED
  • Trainers will kick you to afk room after 2 hours (Please note: You cannot train on x-log)

Server Statistics:

Client Download

experience gain:










free bless until level:


task system:


level to buy house:


level to create guild:

8 (commands)

more information:

server info

interactive map:



100% custom

Also we've added alot of new items and monsters!

How it was?


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