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7.11.2020 -
Author: GM Hello Kitty

Dear players, we will enable rebirth system tonight - the server save will be at midnight.

There are changes however. Previously you wouldn't lose anything but level when choosing to be reborn. Now, this act will also take half of your magic level and skills. We figured players were able to get back to high levels way too fast with high skills or magic level.

We are recreating the reborn webpage which got lost somehow. Meanwhile you should know that Rebirth costs the following:

  • 80 vampire dusts
  • 20 fish fins
  • 100 lizard leathers
  • 1 might ring
  • 10kk gold

It's available for characters level 240 or higher.

Reborn characters have a 0.5 experience multiplier, but get 10% damage absorbtion and 10% more damage.

4.11.2020 -
Author: GM Hello Kitty

Hey guys!

We've been working on a few things for the last week or so.

The most important being loot. Everyone likes loot right? Well it's all great when rare items drop and you're swimming in gold, but then there are times when you've killed a Hydra number 200 without dropping a single pair of those boots. We've come up with a unique system of uniform loot. All common items like gold pieces or normal armors/weapons will drop as they did. The change only affects rare items like dsm, dragon shield, boots of haste, trophies et cetera... They will drop more steadily and your chance of getting the item you want will start increasing if you haven't gotten it for longer than usual. This will prevent situations like the one described earlier.

We hope you enjoy this change and we are waiting for your feedback. The change will take effect with tomorrow's server save (5.11.2020).


  • Fixed Helmet of the Deep. It now gives you more movement speed underwater!
  • - NPC Johnny (Promotion) makes a comeback! Everyone will lose their free promotion with this server save so you'll have to buy it from him. He can be found in Reston temple - upstairs.
  • There's a possible fix to rings that stop working sometimes. This will be deployed Friday (6.11.2020)

23.10.2020 -
Author: GM Hello Kitty


We are sorry for the crashes in the past 2 days. We have now identified and fixed the issue. 

14.10.2020 -
Author: God Exodis

Several extras that will apply after tomorrow server save ( 8:00 CEST )

  • Added task for Lizard Chosen

  • Added task for Ghastly Dragon

  • You'll be able to buy Exodis Coins from NPC Ceremonial Old Man after finishing small mission for him

  • Added spawn ( Behemoth lair ) at south - west Liberon

10.10.2020 -
Update is here!
Author: God Exodis

Serpent Spawn lair has been added ( will be available after server save 13.10.2020 at 8:00 CEST ) located somewhere HERE

Exodis Coin System will be introduced at sunday server save ( 8:00 CEST )

You'll Be able to empower your skills!

Check how it works: HERE

More options for Exodis Coins will be added shortly:

  • Possibility to exchange coins for rare items at NPC

  • 1% resist on everything - up to 10 stages

  • Waiting for more proposals :)


  • Some tasks amount to kill has been increased

  • Razzachor - new place with mostly Drakens / Ghastly Dragons / Bog Raiders has been added ( you can travel there from Reston boat for 30.000 GOLD )

  • Added NPC Acra which will buy your creature products ( near soft boots repair NPC )

  • We're working on deeper banuta should be finished until monday server save

Exodis Team

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