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14.10.2020 -
Author: God Exodis

Several extras that will apply after tomorrow server save ( 8:00 CEST )

  • Added task for Lizard Chosen

  • Added task for Ghastly Dragon

  • You'll be able to buy Exodis Coins from NPC Ceremonial Old Man after finishing small mission for him

  • Added spawn ( Behemoth lair ) at south - west Liberon

10.10.2020 -
Update is here!
Author: God Exodis

Serpent Spawn lair has been added ( will be available after server save 13.10.2020 at 8:00 CEST ) located somewhere HERE

Exodis Coin System will be introduced at sunday server save ( 8:00 CEST )

You'll Be able to empower your skills!

Check how it works: HERE

More options for Exodis Coins will be added shortly:

  • Possibility to exchange coins for rare items at NPC

  • 1% resist on everything - up to 10 stages

  • Waiting for more proposals :)


  • Some tasks amount to kill has been increased

  • Razzachor - new place with mostly Drakens / Ghastly Dragons / Bog Raiders has been added ( you can travel there from Reston boat for 30.000 GOLD )

  • Added NPC Acra which will buy your creature products ( near soft boots repair NPC )

  • We're working on deeper banuta should be finished until monday server save

Exodis Team

9.10.2020 -
Update is here!
Author: God Exodis

Dear players, update will be released at sunday server save ( 8:00 CEST ) in the morning. 

There will be many changes PLUS:

  • Exodis Coins in-game system
  • Little vocation balance changes
  • New arenas like (deeper banuta and more...)
  • Fixed task system
  • Many many more for you guys...

Also until sunday there is 50% extra points when you donate Exodis Server!

Promotion apply to:

  • Paypal
  • Dotpay

Have fun! 

Exodis Team

5.10.2020 -
Author: God Exodis

Competition for top 5 players has ended. Rewards was added to winners. 

Also due to our fault, The second competition ( for tasks ) will be changed to something different - tasks done won't matter anymore. More information will be available shortly. 

We're working on first update which should be released until sunday. 

We will be implementing Exodis Coins system, it will let you improve your skills/ magic also you'll be able to exchange them for some experience points. 

With exodis coins you'll be able to collect parts needed to exchange for few best available items in-game. 

Due to many requests from players to add soft boots to donation shop, we have decided to add them today ONLY for limited time! Soft boots will be available Today from 19:00 to 22:00 CEST 

1.10.2020 -
Author: God Exodis

Due to many requests to not give Free Gold Account we have decided to increase the SKILL / MAGIC rate by 75% until saturday Server Save.

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